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Ed Sheeran. gah.

miss my pup

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"It’s pronounced like jif"

Yeah well I don’t gif a fuck


if you marry me im gonna call you nerd in our wedding vows i dont care


I can’t go to parties because I turn into a pumpkin at midnight




With just a chill head bop Jordin still manages to have more rhythm than the three tragedies next to her

What in the hell is Lorde doing?

filling the room with the ghosts from inside her body

the comments make my life

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Vincent van Gogh, detail of Wheatfield With a Reaper

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« If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it. »

- C.S Lewis (via keep-it-rural)

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Brenna Twohy - “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” (NPS 2014)

"My sex cannot be packaged. My sex is magic. It is part of a bigger story. I am whole. I exist when you are not fucking me."

One of the most memorable poems we saw at the National Poetry Slam this year. Harry Potter, feminism, sex positivity.

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Medicine | Daughter


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« [RED] was a devastating record. It was about dealing with an intense heartbreak and ‘1989’ is about the phase after that where you brush yourself off and you’re ok. »

- Taylor Swift on ‘1989’ (x)